Timberfill Cinnamon

  • $ 65.00

  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm 
  • Working temperature: 170 - 185 °C 
  • The minimum diameter of the nozzle: 0.5 mm 
  • Weight: 750 g / 1.65 lb. of filament (+ 250 g spool)


Timberfill is a material for the FFF (also known as FDM) 3D printing technology. 

The advantage of this material is that it can be easily used in 3D printers, allowing high quality printing, resulting in excellent detail and lamination of the printed object.

Timberfill filament is made of a biodegradable wood material. The material exhibits similar mechanical features as ABS or PLA and models printed with this material have a genuine appearance of wood. We recommend using a 0.5 mm nozzle. We guarantee filament dimensions within a +/- 0.1 mm tolerance, strictly controlled throughout production.

Our filament works great with:

Ultimaker, Blue Dragon Fireprint, Prusa i3, Prusa i3 MK2, RepRap (Mendel, Huxley, Prusa, Kossel, Rostock), Solidoodlem, MakerBot (Replicator, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X), FlashForge, Wanhao (Duplicator 4, 4X, 4S, 5S, 5S Mini, i3), Leapfrog, Be3D, MAKEiT, Airwolf, 3D PrinterBot, Printerbot, Delta, Builder, Zortax, Lulzbot, UP! Plus, Up! Mini and a lot of more...basically if it's a 3D printer, it'll work!


Timberfill Technical Data Sheet
Timberfill Material Safety Data Sheet

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