FilamentOne NEMA 17 SLIM POWER Stepper Pancake Motor F1-42STH25-1404MAC 0.9 degree for 3D Printer Extruder

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Nema 17 High resolution 0.9 degree pancake stepper motor. Perfect fit for BMG / Prusa i3 MK3 / MK3S extruder upgrades.

Delivered with 750 mm long detachable cable with Molex connector.

For use with BMG use the following step values:
8 bit micro-stepping: E-steps 415
16 bit micro-stepping: E-steps 830
32 bit micro-stepping: E-steps 1660
  • NEMA 17
  • 0.9° Step Angle
  • 400 Steps Per Revolution
  • 1.4 Amp
  • 18 N/cm Holding Torque
  • 26mm Body
  • 20mm Output Shaft (5mm diameter) (17mm D-Shaped)
  • 0.15Kg Weight

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