Flexfill 98A Signal Red

  • $ 56.00

  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm 
  • Working temperature: 200 - 220 °C 
  • Hot pad: 30 - 50 °C
  • Weight: 500 g / 1.1 lb. of filament (+ 250 g spool)


Flexfill 98A series filament is the high quality and the leading flexible filament in the industry. Its unique features of flexibility and elasticity provides reliable and high quality prints.


Flexfill 98A Highlights:

  • No warping
  • Easier print surface preparation
  • Faster printing speed and retraction
  • Ideal for 3D printers that can print in PLA and ABS 
  • Higher quality prints
  • Best flexible filament for beginners


Would you like your 3D models to stand out by their elasticity and flexibility but you could not find a suitable elastic material that would fulfill your idea? We have a solution - try printing flexible parts with Flexfill 3D printing filament by Fillamentum. And if you have a printer with two print heads you can use Flexfill to add an extra layer which will make a surface soft to touch.

Our filament works great with:

Ultimaker, Blue Dragon Fireprint, RepRap (Mendel, Huxley, Prusa, Kossel, Rostock), Solidoodlem, MakerBot (Replicator, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X), FlashForge, Wanhao (Duplicator 4, 4X, 4S, 5S, 5S Mini, i3), Leapfrog, Be3D, MAKEiT, Airwolf, 3D PrinterBot, Printerbot, Delta, Builder, Zortax, Lulzbot, UP! Plus, Up! Mini and a lot of more...basically if it's a 3D printer, it'll work!


Flexfill 98A Technical Data Sheet
Flexfill 98A Material Safety Data Sheet

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