FilamentOne Wood PRO SELECT Black - 2.85mm (1KG)

$ 48.89

Wood PRO SELECT by FilamentOne is a premium 3D printing material for FDM 3D printers.

Wood PRO SELECT is made from real wood-based material and prints similar to PLA. Your printed Wood PRO SELECT part will look, feel, and function like wood!

Manufacturing Precision
+/- 0.05 mm
Working Temperature
190- 210 °C
35 - 60 °C 
1 KG

Wood PRO SELECT Features

  • Easy to print
  • Genuine appearance of wood
  • Low warping
  • Less brittle than other wood based filaments
  • Can be sanded or stained

We guarantee precision dimensions of our filaments having +/- 0.02 mm (+/- 0.05 mm for composites) tolerance, strictly controlled throughout the production.

Our filaments are produced in a wide variety of colors within the color charts RAL and Pantone. We also produce custom colors. 


Why buy from FilamentOne

  • USA company manufacturing and distributing 3D printing supplies and tools
  • Years of experience in the plastic industry and 3D printing technologies
  • Known for premium quality 3D printing filaments, great customer service and as a valued member of the community

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