FilamentOne PETG Carbon Fiber PRO SELECT - 1.75mm (1KG) 3D Printer Filament

$ 42.99

PETG Carbon Fiber PRO SELECT by FilamentOne is a premium 3D printing material.

With good impact resistance and mechanical properties, PETG Carbon PRO SELECT is a high-technical material for the FFF (also known as FDM) 3D printing technology. 

Manufacturing Precision
+/- 0.05 mm
Working Temperature
230- 250 °C
60 - 80 °C 
1 KG

PETG Carbon Fiber PRO SELECT Features

  • Easy to print
  • Low Shrinkage and almost no Warping 
  • Odorless printing
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Great wear resistance

PETG Carbon Fiber PRO SELECT is made in USA using premium PETG and High-Modulus Carbon Fiber for an easy printing of structural components with high modulus, excellent surface quality, dimensional stability and light weight.

We guarantee precision dimensions of our filaments having +/- 0.02 mm (+/- 0.05 mm for composites) tolerance, strictly controlled throughout the production.

Our filaments are produced in a wide variety of colors within the color charts RAL and Pantone. We also produce custom colors. 

    Why buy from us

    USA company manufacturing and distributing 3D printing supplies and tools.

    Years of experience in the plastic industry and 3D printing technologies.

    Known for premium quality 3D printing filaments, great customer service and as a valued member of the community.

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