FilamentOne PC-AV0 PRO SELECT Traffic Black Flame Retardant - 1.75mm (1KG)

$ 49.89


PC-AV0 PRO SELECT by FilamentOne is a premium 3D printing material for FDM 3D printers.

PC-AV0 is a PC/ABS (polycarbonate + acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) blend with UL94 V-0 flammability standard, high-performance and high-heat 3D printing filament suitable for printing of functional prototypes and production parts with very fine detail and excellent surface quality.

Manufacturing Precision
+/- 0.02 mm
Working Temperature
260- 280 °C
90 - 100 °C 
1 KG
RAL 9017

Made in USA Filament


    - PC-AV0 meets UL94 V-0 UL FR standards
  • Excellent temperature resistance
    - HDT 125 °C (0,45 MPa), low thermal expansion
  • Improved mechanical properties
    - high impact resistance, high tensile strength
  •  Easy 3D printing
    - low warping, low odor, great layer-layer adhesion

PC-AV0 PRO SELECT is a flame retardant grade 3D printing material, engineered for easy printing with excellent layer to layer adhesion and nice surface finish. 

We guarantee precision dimensions of our filaments having +/- 0.02 mm tolerance, strictly controlled throughout the production.

Our filaments are produced in a wide variety of colors within the color charts RAL and Pantone. We also produce custom colors. 

About PC-ABS

PC-ABS (polycarbonate-ABS) is one of the most widely used thermoplastics thanks to its superior impact strength and heat resistance. PC-ABS is ideal for functional prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing. Get the best of two FDM materials, the strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS also delivers excellent feature definition and surface finish.

  • Production-grade thermoplastic
  • Strength and heat resistance of PC
  • Flexibility of ABS
  • Non-toxic

Why buy from FilamentOne

  • USA company manufacturing and distributing 3D printing supplies and tools
  • Years of experience in the plastic industry and 3D printing technologies
  • Known for premium quality 3D printing filaments, great customer service and as a valued member of the community

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