E3D V6 Threaded Heatsink

$ 15.98

Beta Product. A new, blue threaded V6 heatsink intended as an alternative to groove mounting. The same excellent thermal performance, now with easier mounting.

Ships with M12 nut, thermal paste and collet with clip.

Note: 1.75mm only

An alternative to Groovemount

There are a couple of major flaws with groovemounting (or previous standard HotEnd mounting style):

Fit is highly dependent on quality of part machining

Fit can become loose from repeated removal and refitting

To fight these problems, we're beta-releasing a new, blue, screw-threaded heat sink. Threading also brings some benefits of its own:

It's reliable and repeatable to machine

Wear due to repeated removal and refitting is not an issue

It offers more versatile mounting options, e.g. through a threaded plate

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