E3D SuperVolcano Block & Sock

$ 71.98

Nickel Plated Copper SuperVolcano Heater Block for use with the SuperVolcano Heater Cartridge and Nozzles.

Our SuperVolcano block is designed to meet your high speed printing needs, providing up to 11x times the volumetric flow rate of our market leading V6 HotEnd. The SuperVolcano is a fully fledged member of the E3D ecosystem and can be used with our V6 or kraken heatbreaks and our Lite6 integrated heatsink and heatbreak.

The SuperVolcano comes as standard with a Nickel Plated Copper block so that it can safely operate with the matching 80W heater. These blocks are engineered for ultimate high temperature performance. Made from a special high temperature copper-alloy with a softening point of well above 500C (compared to aluminium blocks which begin to lose integrity beyond 350°C), and much-increased thermal conductivity these copper blocks are perfect for high temperature applications while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PLA, ABS and spoolWorks EDGE. In addition to high temperature performance these blocks have an advanced nickel based plating, this plating considerably reduces the adhesion of plastic to the block. This is great for everyday filaments keeping things clean and shiny, but is particularly important at temperatures above 300°C where a silicone sock can't be used.

To aid the thermal performance of the SuperVolcano a piece of high temperature fibreglass sleeving replaces our normal sock, insulating the block and keeping the heat in. This sleeving can withstand continuous operating temperatures of 260°C with the ability to go even higher, however bear in mind that this will reduce the life. If extra redundancy/monitoring of your HotEnd performance is what you you’re after then feel free to add another temperature sensor into the equation (not that it's required).

Health and Safety:
Handling of the HotEnd must only be carried out with the printer switched off and the power cord unplugged from the socket. The SuperVolcano block will remain hot for longer than other HotEnds so allow extra time for the system to cool down. The SuperVolcano sock is made from glass fibre coated with a silicone rubber, when handling this, protective clothing must be worn. The full health and safety warning can be found in the datasheet.

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