E3D High Temperature Heater Cartridges 24V

$ 58.98

Heaters capable of operating up to 550°C for extended periods of time. For printing high temperature thermoplastics. Come with high ampage connectors and extension leads, the cartridge has the wires exiting at a 90° angle from the casing with a strain relief.

  • Voltage: 12V/24V
  • Power: Up to 65W
  • Max operating temp: 550°C
  • Lead length: 2m


- These heaters are more than capable of reaching temperatures that will soften the aluminium block shipped as standard with our heaters. These must only be used with a copper block. We also recommend coupling this with a copper nozzle, as the hardened nozzles will lose some hardness at these temperatures, and the copper will offer better thermal conductivity.

- For the 12V version, some printers' electronics are not able to withstand the current required by the heaters. If this is your case, or you don't want to risk blowing your board up, please purchase the MOSFET switch daughter board sold with the SuperVolcano

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