E3D Groove Mount Bowden Adapter - 1.75mm

$ 9.98

E3D Groove Mount Bowden Adapter - 1.75mm (4mm OD Tubing)

This is a neat little solution for quickly and easily converting a direct extruder that would normally accept a groovemount hotend into a bowden extruder. Simply mounts in like a hotend, but instead accepts our PTFE tubing securely in an embedded bowden coupler.

Quite a bit nicer than forcibly screwing a threaded bowden coupler into a printed hole, and allows you to use the existing plethora of excellent direct extruders available in a bowden setup.

If you're designing your own bowden extruder you might consider using this to secure your tubing instead of a screw in coupler.

Engineering drawings can be found in the image gallery.

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