BIQU BX 3D Printer FDM 3D printer with 32 bit 400MHZ Motherboard Integrated Octoprint 3D Printer

by BIQU 3D
$ 499.00

It’s the world’s first Octoprint integrated 3D printer with the addition of a very light all-metal direct extruder! How fab does that sound!? Read on to learn more about its features and capabilities…

Powerful Processor
They equip the Biqu BX with a powerful 32bit, 400Mhz smart control chip for faster computational processing that enables smart assistant features. For example, auto-leveling to help achieve more successful prints, and giving pro-users the power necessary for more complex prints.

BigTreeTech Motherboard
The BIQU BX boasts a new 32bit, 400MHz chip motherboard. As a result, it is capable of more complex printing and offers safety features like drive reverse plug protection, heating overload protection and real-time monitoring of power supply voltage to extend the durability and longevity.

Lightest Direct Extruder
Having the world’s lightest (219g) all-metal direct extruder with Ra0.4 smoothness is built to reduce inertia and clogging to its minimum for accuracy improvement. The 7:1 torque transmission ratio ensure excellent printing performance on the BIQU BX.

Smooth Inner surface nozzle
The titanium alloy chassis ensures even thermal distribution and the high-quality brass nozzle is processed with high-precision finishing that results in the smoothest nozzle inner surface within Ra0.4. With more precise filament feeding and withdrawal, the Biqu BX Direct Extruder can effectively prevent clogging.

Double Precision Stepper Motor
Instead of a standard 1.8° stepper motor, BX uses a 0.9° motor with twice the precision. This significantly improves fineness and accuracy in terms of print quality.

Open Source & Expandability
The BX’s firmware code is open-sourced, and new firmware code will be updated regularly on GitHub. The BIQU BX has reserved driver slots for more functional expanding.

Auto-Level Function
Bed leveling is a tricky process and failure results in useless prints. The Biqu BX features an innovative true Approximate Sensor Leveling-Free Technology – this is a 3D Printer that you can trust for highly accurate results every time.

3 Mode Control
Not just the Marlin and BTT’s touch-screen control modes. The ingenious BigTreeTech Motherboard design supports plug & print Raspberry Pi firmware expansion. BX is the world’s first laptop-free Octoprint integrated 3D printer.


Model BX
Color Black
Print Accuracy +0.1mm
Printing Speed 100mm/s
All Metal Direct Extruder weighing 219g
Filament Diameter
Build Size
250mmx 250mm x 250mm
Rated Power
Bed Leveling
Proximity Sensor
Control Panel
7″ Touch Screen + Control Dial
Supported Materials
Filament Sensor
Detection module installed
Build Surface


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