About us

FilamentOne is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based technology company focused on the growing industry of 3D printing.


Developed by professionals
Having years of experience in the plastic industry and 3D printing technologies.

High precision manufacturing
Our customers are guaranteed high precision filaments of multi diameters and laser controlled quality.

Large selection of colors
We stock a large selection of colors and we can produce custom colors.


FilamentOne brings high quality, sustainable, highly functional materials, to the market meeting the needs of the 3D printing customer. We maintain a focus to develop innovative and exciting 3D printing products for the global market.

Our current products offer classic polymers of ABS and PLA. We also offer special materials including ASA, HIPS, PVA, Flexible, Wood, CPE and Nylon.

We maintain high quality filaments for 3D printing, developed and manufactured by real experts, with years of experience in the plastics industry and 3D printing technologies.

Our customers are always guaranteed high precision filament dimensions and laser controlled quality within +/- 0.05 mm tolerance for ABS, PLA, ASA, CPENylon FX256 and HIPS, +/- 0.1 mm tolerance for Timberfill, PVA, Nylon AF80, Nylon CF15 and Flexfill.

Feel free to contact us for more information: 

Email: info@filamentone.com
Phone: +1 (505) 750-3859

Mailing and product return address:
13170 Central Ave, SE Ste B, No. 108
Albuquerque, 87123 New Mexico
United States