Dentifix-3D Gingiva HR 1000ml 3D Printing Resin

$ 379.00

Dentifix-3D Gingiva Mask is a durable and flexible material suitable for printing flexible models. It can be used in combination with the model material Dentifix-3D Modeling, for example, to prepare partial or large-scale prosthetic, simulating the flexibility of the patient’s gums.

Available only in version: HR (High-Reactive) - High sensitivity. Mostly for DLP / LED printers, or SLA with the ability to fine-tune.

  • UV-curing resin for DLP/LED 3D printers
  • Cures at known wavelengths of 350-405 nm
  • Ultra High Resolution Gingiva Resin
  • Package contains 1000ml bottle of resin

The Concept

The idea was to create a  powerful, affordable resin for dental modeling. The color needed to be optimum for the presentation of clear detail.  Interaction with the Resin by technicians had to provide the least strain on the eyes caused by light reflection, while still allowing for efficient work in the laboratory.

Dentifix resin was created as a result of collaboration with The Resin manufacturer, Fun To Do, and practicing Dental Prosthetists. Created from this extensive Research and Development is the new Dentifix Resin, the most affordable Dental Resin available.

This resin is perfect for printing dental applications (models, alignment, contention, crowns, bridges, etc.). It can be used for all applications requiring high precision and detail. 

Dentifix 3D modeling resin allows precision printing within 35 microns.

With a smooth surface and an almost matte, opaque color,  Dentifix 3D modeling resin rivals traditional gypsum.

The Yellow Sand color was determined by Dental Prosthetists to be most effective for modeling along with less eye fatigue.

The surface of the model using Dentifix Resin is very smooth, and its hardness allows for precise angles, optimizing print quality, and reducing print failures.

You can create your own dental alignment models with this resin.

This resin is compatible with DLP 3D printers like SLASH, WANHAO DUPLICATOR 7, B9 CREATOR, PROJECT 1200, Phrozen Shuffle, Prusa SL1 and others.

Dentifix 3D Modeling Resin Properties

Whereas the properties of Dentifix 3D Resin listed below are accurate, and every attempt has been made to ensure such, we give no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the properties as they relate to individual experience during the use of this product.

  • Application: Dental Modeling, General Prototyping
  • Color: Pink (RAL 3014)
  • Fragrance: No pronounced odor
  • Brookfield Viscosity: 95 mPa * s at 25 ° C
  • Shore A: 60-65
  • Shrinkage: <0.2%
  • Illumination spectrum: from 225 to 415 nm
  • Storage conditions: 10° C - 40° C, in a dark and dry place


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