PROFI Box August 2019 Unboxing

PROFI Box August 2019 Unboxing

This Month’s Filament

This Month’s Accessory

  • Heater Block holder for 3D Printer Nozzle * - The Wrench by Joshua F.

* requires 3D printed parts - see the group project

This Month’s Extra

Group project

This month's group project is necessary to complete for assembly of the Heater Block holder for 3D printer nozzle - the Wrench by Joshua F. 

Your are required to print a simple case for the steel prongs that you received as an accessory for this month. 

There are 2 version available to print (20 and 23 mm) and for those that are not familiar with this tool, please go to this Thingiverse page to learn more:

All STL files are available here:

Nozzle Holder

PROFI Box August 2019 Review


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