Phrozen Shuffle: How to use NanoDLP with ChiTu slicer

Phrozen Shuffle: How to use NanoDLP with ChiTu slicer

NanoDLP is a host and control software for SLA / SLS / DLP 3D printers. It features built in slicer, resin profile management, high performance and quality anti-aliasing, support generator, part hollowing and more.  

NanoDLP logo

Phrozen Shuffle and Phrozen Shuffle XL use the NanoDLP as a main interface and control software. While ChiTu slicer is a recommended slicing software for Phrozen printers, this article will show you how to use ChiTu slicer only for part orientation and to generate the support material, however an actual STL file will be uploaded directly to the NanoDLP. 

Step 1: Open ChiTu slicer and import the file
ChiTu Slicer Step 1

Step 2: Orient the part using the "Rotate" function
ChiTu slicer step 2

Step 3: Duplicate* and arrange the parts using the "Move" and "Copy" function. Generate the support material as needed or auto-generate the support*.
ChiTu Slicer step 3

Step 4: Save as STL. The prepared files will save as a STL file, including the support material, selected orientation, etc.
ChiTu Slicer Step 4
ChiTu Slicer step 4.1

Step 5: Open the browser and type in the printer's IP address. Go to "Add Plate" and select the STL file you prepared in ChiTu slicer. Select preferred resin profile and center the pieces.
NanoDLP upload STL

Step 6: Use 3D Edit function to verify the print orientation and position on the printing bed
NanoDLP step 6

"Rotate" button will allow you to rotate the part in any direction if needed. The file needs to be saved via "Add as Plate" if any modification was made.
NanoDLP step 7

Step 7: Preview the layers. Previewing layers before each print helps to decrease number of failed prints and easily verifies if the print has a good build plate adhesion.
NanoDLP layer preview

Step 8: Start the print!

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