Dentifix-3D Modeling LR and Formlabs Form 2

Dentifix-3D Modeling LR and Formlabs Form 2

Dentifix-3D is a high quality 3D printing resin for dental applications. Dentifix-3D resin was created as a result of collaboration with The Resin manufacturer, Fun To Do, and practicing Dental Prosthetists. Created from this extensive Research and Development is the new Dentifix Resin, the most affordable Dental Resin available.


The Dentifix-3D Modeling LR Resin is fully compatible with Formlabs Form 2 and will replace the original Form 2 Dental Resin. The Dentifix-3D Modeling LR Resin can be used without modification to your Formlabs Form 2. 

How to set Formlabs PreForm software for Dentifix-3D LR Resin?
In resin selection tab use the White V2 setting

Formlabs Form 2

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