Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Use as little support as possible.

Less support on a print has several advantages. Prints with less support are easier to clean up, use less filament or material, and you will ultimately end up with more pristine surface area. This becomes a matter of orienting your print with the least amount of "overhang" as possible. Although there are certainly several factors that go into the decision as to how to orient a particular print, it is always good practice to consider how much support will be required with a particular orientation. A 30 degree angle is usually pretty safe to print without support. Many solid and smooth prints can even be done with up to a 45 degree angle without support.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Orient your print using the smallest base area as possible.

While it is not necessarily preferred for every print, for several reasons, using the smallest area possible as the base of your print will improve the overall quality of the finished product. Some materials, when on a heated plate for an extended period of time, will develop adhesion and/or warping issues. In these situations, the bigger the base, the bigger the problem. ABS is certainly more susceptible to this issue than PLA or CPE

Use quality materials.

Poor quality filament often creates unwanted problems, such as having inconsistent adhesion properties, to both the build plate and even the material to itself. Inconsistent melting temperatures can also be a problem. Cheap filaments can cause many extruder and nozzle clogging issues. These will create situations negatively affecting the print quality (if there ends up being a print at all). Some filaments are not spooled correctly, causing the filament to get hung up on the spool and not allowing the extruder to feed more filament. FilamentOne only offers the industry's highest grade materials, and is used exclusively by Companies and Government entities. Shop the quality materials at

Adhesion to the build plate

While there are certainly many suggestions and products available to facilitate your print adhering to the build plate, it is often best to stick to the simple, tried and true methods.
Magigoo all in one adhesive really does work well on many print surfaces, including glass, PEI, aluminum, acrylic when printing PLA, ABS, CPE or Nylon
Blue painters tape works well for ABS or ASA and adding a little glue to the tape can also be helpful.

Use online resources or get help from experts at FilamentOne!

There is a wealth of information available to you and it is all free! Facebook, Twitter, User Groups, Youtube, and forums among many others can provide you with almost any information you need. You can also reach out to 3D printing experts at FilamentOne using this contact form

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