Midwest RepRap Festival 2018 #MRRF

Midwest RepRap Festival 2018 #MRRF

The Midwest RepRap Festival is a 3D printer convention that is held every year in the middle of nowhere- Goshen, Indiana. Hundreds of 3D printers and thousands of attendees made it this year to Goshen and FilamentOne was part of them.

Midwest Reprap Festival 2018

Highlights from Midwest RepRap Festival 2018

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle printed by Matt Weber. Over 400 hours of printing and more than 5kg of PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey, such a incredible work - Thank you Matt!

Chaos Core Tech

Massive 3D Printed Iron Giant with Hogarth! Designed and printed by Chaos Core Tech. Another great work done by this couple and we're glad to see several PLA Extrafill colors used for this project.

PLA Extrafill Gold Happens

Credit for this awesome PLA Extrafill Gold Happens and PLA Extrafill Rapunzel Silver print goes to John D. Print was displayed at Capricorn booth, together with their high performance PTFE tubing.

PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy

Nice portable Chess set printed with PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy, PLA Extrafill Gold Happens and marble filament. Printed by a mysterious 3D printing enthusiast and it turned out great!



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