33 Cool things to print from MyMiniFactory in November 2019

33 Cool things to print from MyMiniFactory in November 2019

Are you looking for cool or practical 3D printed things? Check out our November 2019 list of 33 Cool and Practical things to print from MyMiniFactory.

Browsing millions and millions of STL files that can be printed in 3D can be time consuming. Our guide will help you find the best 3D printings every month. This guide is updated monthly and is featuring the best 3D printings as an inspiration for you to print.

1. Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
Designed by: Mark Ledwold

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Vacuum cleaner attachment is needed in every household and they break very often. Having a spare or one extra will never hurt.
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment by Mark Ledwold

2. Canon Rear Lens Cap
Designed by: Mieszko Lacinski

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
This one is for all Canon photographers out there. Print this cap and protect all your Canon lenses!
Canon Rear Lens Cap by Mieszko Lacinski

3. Sunglasses car clip
Designed by: R.B.

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
With no such place in your car where to put your sunglasses, this is very practical print for everyday use. Just print a simple clip and your sunglasses are safe from scratches and other damages when you don't use them. 
Sunglasses car clip by R.B.

4. Braille Keyboard Keys
Designed by: Samin

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Very smart invention that helps those that need it the most. There is more than 30 million people blind in the world and 3D printing can make their life easier. 
Braille Keyboard Keys by Samin

5. Small Funnel
Designed by: Tom Headley

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Why buy something when you can easily print it in few hours? Small funnel that you can use at home, garage or shop for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.
Small Funnel by Tom Headley

6. Peg for IKEA Skadis Pegboard
Designed by: Martin Mabbley

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
IKEA is very popular store and their pegboard has a little bit different design than you are used to. This simple Peg design will make you life easier and help you to customize the peg board to your needs. 
Peg for IKEA Skadis Pegboard by Martin Mabbley

7. Garden Stake
Designed by: Miles Nash

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
If you like self watering planters, you will love self watering garden stake. The stake can be inserted into the ground near a plant in order to provide an automatic watering system for the plant and refills without taking it out of the ground (removable cap).
Garden Stake by Miles Nash

8. Door Stop
Designed by: 3D Verkstan

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Door stop that stops door. 
Door stop by 3D Verkstan

9. Rotating K-Cup Holder for Keurig
Designed by: Rhys Switzer

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
This rotating K-Cup Organizer is designed to hold up to 16 Keurig K-Cups or similar coffee pods. If you are a Keurig owner and need to organize your K-cups this is a solution for you.

Rotating K-Cup Holder for Keurig by Rhys Switzer

10. Earbud Case
Designed by: Walter Hsiao

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Got some earbuds but no case? Print this earbud storage case that is available in two sizes.
Earbud Case by Walter Hsiao

11. Straight Pole + Curved Hole Illusion
Designed by: Devin Montes

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
This fascinating desk toy highlights the strange property of a straight pole fitting perfectly through a curved hole when spun around a central axis.
Straight Pole + Curved Hole Illusion by Devin Montes

12. iCableGuards
Designed by: Sergio Romero

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
The iCableguard saves your Apple lighting cables from getting ragged and bent and gives a bit of extra life to your broken cables.

This can help you if the silicone cable casing has worn out and its falling appart.
iCableGuards by Sergio Romero

13. Pumpkin cookie cutter
Designed by: Loh Hu

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Are you ready for Halloween? Print this perfectly scary Pumpkin Cookie Cutter to make biscuit on time for halloween and invite your friends.
Pumpkin cookie cutter by Loh Hu

14. Watering can nozzle for bottle
Designed by: Corentin Paquet

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Simple and very efficient watering tip for most common plastic bottles. Very handy!
Watering can nozzle for bottle by Corentin Paquet

15. Turn your CDs into a Frisbee!
Designed by: Conor Devine

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Upcycle your old CDs into frisbees and have a lot of fun! Easy way how to print something practical and get rid of something you don't need anymore. 
Turn your CDs into a Frisbee! by Conor Devine

16. Sponge Holder
Designed by: Andrey Katsman

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Everything should have its own place and sponge is not an exception. Place it upright to a nice holder where it will drain and will stay dry. 
Sponge Holder by Andrey Katsman

17. Zombie candy dispenser!!!
Designed by: Ricardo Salomao

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Perfect decoration and practical dispenser for the month of October!
Zombie candy dispenser!!! by Ricardo Salomao

18. NinjaFlex Handlebar Grips
Designed by: Michela Agnese Badia

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
They all need to be replaced at some point and that's where 3D printing comes in. Who even would image few years ago that we will be 3D printing custom or replacement handlebars for our bikes.
NinjaFlex Handlebar Grips by Michela Agnese Badia

19. Save pangolins
Designed by: Amao Chan

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
This one is our favorite. Pangolins need more attention to survive and this amazing project and print is helping and educating people about the current situation with Pangolins.
Save pangolins by Amao Chan

20. Plastic bottle handle
Designed by: Corentin Paquet

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
Whether you are traveling, hiking or just need a handle for your plastic bottle, this design is right for you.
Plastic bottle handle by Corentin Paquet

21. Modular Mounting System
Designed by: Ryan Huang

Where to download: MyMiniFactory
This project is a mounting system for lightweight objects such as phones and small cameras.
Modular Mounting System by Ryan Huang
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